Disney Ribbon Sculptures

HELLO, DISNEY LOVERS!!!! I know. I know. Its been ages it feels since I’ve posted. I apologize. Our family has been through a rough patch of sickness, hospital visits/stays, and one death the day before Thanksgiving. It has seemed like a domino effect lately around here, but we are all back to a simi normal and are ready to share some goodies with y’all! Enough of the sappy shenanigans…. :) I don’t have a huge post for you today, but I do what to share with you what I have been working on. I (Madison) have always loved a good craft. I’m always painting canvases, making door hangers like the Olaf DIY I posted a while back, or like recently, I’ve been making hair bows. I’ve never made hair bows before now, so this was a new one for me. hair 1hair 2 I have fallen in love with these cute little things and have shared them with the little gals in our family as well, as with family friends and the local neighborhood girls. They are so, much fun to make and I can’t wait to create more! I hope you’ve enjoyed todays (small) post! I’ll start our weekly posts back and i’ll see ya real soon!! :) GO SHARE SOME MAGIC! -Madison

DIY: Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday Running Costume

image (30)

It’s officially runDisney race season and everyone is in full swing with their costume making! Let’s be honest if you’re not running in costume in Disney… you’re pretty much the odd wo/man out. Have fun with your races and create a fun and unique costume that fits your liking, your budget and that’s comfortable enough to run in!

Unfortunately, we could not be in Disney this weekend for the 3rd year of the Tower of Terror 10-Miler. We had a blast year and were really hoping to make it back this year. Quite, a few things came up and kept us home this year. So, instead we had the privilege of running in a local inaugural 5K Run/Walk with the Tuscaloosa Belles here in Tuscaloosa, AL. This race was the Tuscaloosa Belles Heritage Costume Run and 1 mile run/walk. There were a few costumes, but not as many as us Disney runners are used to. :)

image (28)

Enough rambling! :)

SOOOO…..Here are the materials you will need:
image (19)
1. Hand sewing machine (or actual sewing machine) and individual needle for hand sewing
2. White thread
3. Red thread
4. Red fabric of your texture choice, but I used plain red fabric
5. White Tank
6. White fabric: sparkle fabric or satin fabric in the wedding fabric section of your local craft store. (mine was $9/yard)
7. 3/8 inch red ribbon
8. lace of your choice (1 skinny and 1 extra wide)
9. Small doll hat.

How to go about making this Mary Poppins running costume:

Let’s begin with the white tank.
Any tank will work just fine. Choose any running/workout tank that best fits you. I chose a light Under Armour tank.

Now, sit the tank to the side and cut your corset out of your red fabric. I used a corset I already own and placed it down on top of the fabric and traced around the edges. Then, all you have to do is just cut it out following the traced line you drew. If, you don’t already have a corset just measure the front of your tank from side to side and cut a rectangular piece shape out as big as you’d like your corset to be.

Now, take your lace of choice and sew 2 pieces facing each other down the middle of the corset. Repeat this process on either side of the corset like in the picture below.
image (29)

Take your red ribbon and sew directly down the middle of your 3 lace stripes. (picture below)
image (21)

NOW… all you have to do is attach your corset on however you like…pin it or sew it. considering the fabric doesn’t stretch, I only sewed mine down to the front of the tank so, that I would be able to get into the tank when race day arrived.

Take your Skinny lace of choice and sew it along the collar of the tank all the way around.

image (25)


Add, your extra wide lace to the chest of the tank. Sewing one piece from the swoop of the neck to the top of the corset and add another piece facing it on the opposite side.
image (23)
Leave the outer part of the wide lace loose to give it that fluffy look.image (24)

image (34)


Put your finished tank to the side and let’s start on the skirt.

I am a size 4-6 so, I used 1 yard of fabric. if you are smaller or larger than this, you may need more or less fabric, just judge what you think will cover your hips and all is well. :)

  • I will NOT take credit for someone else’s ideas! So, here is the link to the sweet lady’s blog post I followed on how to make a running skirt. This tutorial is for a sparkle skirt, but I chose this satin white fabric instead and it worked just as good!
  • All, I did extra was add little red bows along the bottom of the skirt when I was finished and wore a short white petty coat underneath to add that extra fluffiness.http://beautystillremains.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/diy-sparkle-running-skirt/

For the hat I used a small baby doll hat I found at the craft store and spray painted it white. Then, hot glued……some red flowers I found in the florist section, added some lace I had left over from the tank, and placed some white tulle in random places to add the perfect Mary Poppins touch! Easy Peasy!!
image (31)

AND WAHLAH!! There ya have it! a super simple and easy costume put together in a short amount of time.
P.S: I am no seamstress! If I can do this, I promise you can too! :)

image (33)


I was very pleased with the way this costume ran! It held up great and was super light and non-irritating! LOVED IT!
image (27)

Feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding this costume! I’d be glad to help you out in any way I can.




DIY: Olaf Door Hanger

Olaf 6I know, I know… it’s only July, but let’s get in the “Christmas in July” spirit for a minute! Since I have been in such a Christmas mood lately, I decided I wanted to make a door hanger for Christmas time. I am going to take you step by step of how I made it and what you will need. So, let’s get started! Continue reading

First timer in Disney this week!

Matthew and Ashton!

Matthew’s first visit!


We have thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with some of our friends/family during their trip to the house of mouse this week!

Matthew, Trent’s cousin is having a blast during his very first trip to Disney with his girlfriend, Ashton, and her family. We wish we were having fun with them!


Aren’t they a super cute couple?… We think so. too!MA

Any guesses where they are in this picture? We will send a sweet prize to the first one who guesses correctly! :)

Have a magical day everyone!!

Must Do Disney (according to the Eads Family)

Good Morning Disney Lovers!

We have people ask us all the time what we would reccommend as OUR “MUST DO list”. So, we’ve made a list of quite a few of our favorites to help those families out. So, here ya go! Email us at any time for other options or if you want us t come up woth a plan to suit our family, just let us know. We would be glad to do so!


Disney MUST Dos according to the Eads Family!

Continue reading

Thomas Kinkade Disney Prints


Does your family love Thomas Kinkade’s Disney Dreams Collection? We, sure do! Let’s be honest, they aren’t the cheapest investment, but if you’re like our family, you want them ALL! So, here’s a tip we have found easy, affordable, and a lot of fun too. I (Madison) truly enjoy sitting down with a good cup of coffee (preferably Disney’s Jeoffrey’s coffee :)) and a puzzle. It’s relaxing! We go out and buy 1-2 Thomas Kinkade 750 piece puzzles at a time. Once, I finish them I paint them with Modge Podge puzzle glue and frame them. We aren’t quite sure where to put them just yet, but we are working on it.



1.) Once, you have finished the puzzle, carefully place wax paper under the puzzle. the wax paper should be at least one inch longer than the puzzle all the way around. This way when you paint it won’t get on your table. Completely paint/ coat the puzzle. Don’t worry about streaks. You won’t be able to see them once it’s dry.


2.) Let dry for at least 3 hours, before flipping over. I like to let mine dry over night yo be safe.

3.) Once the front side is dry, flip the puzzle over and pain the back side. Completely coating the puzzle. Again, don’t worry about streaks.

4.) Now, you’re ready to frame. We, found these beautiful brown frames at Hobby Lobby. They run around $40 so, wait until Wednesday’s when frames are 50% off. That’s the best way to go. Hobby Lobby also, has a free app with a 40% off coupon everyday. The coupon can not be used with sale items, but If you can’t wait for the frames to be marked down, then use the coupon.

image  imageimage

We hope this helps make your Disney decor a little more affordable and beautiful! Have a magical day everyone!

Our Pirates League Experiece at Magic Kingdom Park!



So, obviously we are HUGE pirates fans, therefore, we finally took advantage of the Pirates League at Magic Kingdom with 4 out of 5 of us. We had so, much fun and it was all around a great experience that we would recommend to any family as a whole. This experience is not just for kids. It’s absolutely for adults as well. Afterall, Disney does bring out the fun, kid-like, excitement in us. So, why not take advantage of it and have fun?!?

Prices vary with this experience depending on what type of makeover you choose.

Mom and I chose the mermaid package which starts at $39.95. Very reasonably priced for the experience you get. What do you get?  A mermaid makeup pallet, the mermaid hairstyle and color changing hair clip that changes color in the sun, mermaid necklace that matches your hair clip, mermaid nail polish, mermaid sash, and are able to participate i the daily pirate parade is you wish. All, of these items are placed in your own personal pirate treasure chest for you to take home. So, much fun!

Boys Packages start at $34.95. Our guys chose the First Mate Package:

Tim chose the Captain Jack option and Trent chose the Cursed Pirate option.

What do you get with this package:
Of course you get to choose from several facial makeovers, reversible bandana, a pirate earring and eye patch, sword and sheath, a temporary tattoo, pirate medallion necklace, personalized pirate oath, an official pirate name, and participation the daily pirate parade if you wish.

IMG_1179 IMG_1581IMG_1183 IMG_1184 IMG_1192

One of the best parts of this whole experience is the private photo shoot you recieve after your pirate transformation. SHHHHH! It’s a secret pirate place which you should never share with anyone…. WHOOPS! :)These pictures are put on your magic band just like a photo pass picture. This is really great if you have memory maker. You’ll have lots of pictures to choose from.

The Pirates League
Reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance of your trip, yet sometimes you can get lucky and find open reservations later on. They stay busy, so be sure to make your reservations early to be sure you’re in!
To call and make a reservation: (407) WDW-STYLE OR (407) 939-7895

Have a magical day everyone!